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The people and things we regularly call upon to help us with marketing activity for our clients....

How to get the media to take notice of you.

Get access to up to date and comprehensive media lists in your product/service category - plus access lots of information about how to approach the media and write a media release.

If all you have is a hammer

every problem
looks like a nail

Copywriting that cuts through and sells!

Copywriting isn't about what you is for the most part about how you say it. The language that you use in your promotional material, on your website, within your correspondence is a big part of your overall branding. Get  copy that sells and, frankly, is a joy to read.

Find out what stories tv, radio, magazines & newspapers are looking for so you can be their source and get your business out there.

Articles written to your bullet point content or researched from scratch by Australian/local article writers. Maximised for SEO and very cost effective!

Find trade magazines, websites, rare, unusual
and traditional media to advertise your business
The most comprehensive directory around.

If all you have is a hammer - For easy to build websites. This website was built in WIX starting with one of their designed templates. The website itself - free. The hosting is around $12 - $15 per month. - Enewsletters design, distribution, automatically triggered emails, analytics & reports. A beautiful interface that is ever so easy to use. Monthly subscription depends on how many records in your data-base and the exact functions that you require. - Websites with everything built in; all handled on one dashboard. Business Catalyst was originally created by a couple of Aussies. It is now an Adobe product. I have used it almost exclusively for 8 years. Again - you can select a template and built your on site and pay for monthly hosting. Or - go through a developer who can really make the most of all the bells and whistles and keep them simple for you. - Online surveys. Easy to use. Great for exporting the results and turning them into powerful presentations. Monthly subscription based on 12 month plan. - Build your own mobile app. - A great tool, created here in Melbourne, for finding keywords and more



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