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Do you need a marketing strategy for your business?

Do you need a marketing strategy?

Here's a hint ...

Marketing is at the heart of your business.


And at the heart of your marketing is Strategy!

How can you decide between advertising in a directory or a newspaper?  What should be the key message in a radio commercial?  Would sponsorship of the local sporting team attract new customers? What colours should you use in your logo?


A strategy clearly outlines the things that you need to do to achieve your marketing goals. How you need to position your business to highlight its point of difference from competitors and the benefits you deliver to customers.

It is not a plan.  Your plan can be tweaked, altered, improved.   Your plan outlines the tactics, when and how you will implement them.

The Strategy directs you as to what those tactics should be. It forces you to make decisions about your business.

"Strategy is the mean or the tool by which objectives are consciously and systematically pursued and obtained over time"

You can do marketing stuff.

You can throw some money into getting a website, or putting out a monthly newsletter, or maybe advertising. 

You may have some success at it.  But you will have a much better chance of both success and protecting your limited resources if you have a strategy to direct you.

Which is why for every one of our clients...
We start with Strategy.

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