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Turning away business is good for you

I met with a client recently who shared with me that she would rather turn away business than take on board a client who has unrealistic expectations or for whom she believes her service is not a good fit.

That takes real guts.

If you are a relatively new business the survival of the business depends on generating income.

But if you take on board customers for whom you won’t enjoy the experience, or knowing it will not match their dreams, you can do more damage to your business in the long term.

Why is it that she (and I...) feel quite comfortable saying no to a new customer and assured that turning business down is a positive thing?

I think it is because we have gone into our businesses absolutely believing in the long term.

Yes – we have to get through the next 6 months. But if you look at every day in your business as being only 1 day forward in the next 10 years of its growth – you can make rational long term strategic decisions.

Can you share whether you make decisions based on now, or tomorrow, or both?

Have you walked away from business?

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