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We have a range of services available depending on the complexiity of your business, your available resources and objectives.  It is our aim to ensure that regardless of what package you select you will know exactly what marketing to do in the future - protecting your previous resources and building a sustainable business

Strategy, Planning and Training:  Building the foundation for your business
Strategy, Planning and Training:  Building the foundation for your business

A three part process that identifies the right strategy for your business, creates a marketeing plan to achieve traction for your business and 10 weeks of weekly training to teach your or your staff how to implement your marketing into the future.

Part 1:

Creating your marketing strategy commences with a thorough 'uncovery' of your business, making sure that you and we have total  clarity with regard to your business objectives. We then conduct  thorough research of the marketplace (and sometimes of your customers)

We identify your target market and segments, key communication messages, brand positioning and the marketing channels that will bring you the best results.

The strategy sets the direction for your business for the years to come.

Part 2:  

A marketing plan is usually created for a 12 month period and incorporates the action steps that you need to follow to implement the best marketing tactics - those that adhere to your strategy.

The plan includes briefs for suppliers, all relevant contacts and the complete annual budget.


The Plan is the blueprint that you follow over the course of the year to build your business and grow your customer base.

Part 3:

We have established what marketing you should be doing, and given you the  framework to be able to  to identify opportunities into the future, but how do you actually go about doing it?

We will conduct 10 marketing training sessions with you - face to face, 'phone or skype - supported by unlimited help via email, to teach you how to go about marketing your business into the future.  Training will be targeted to the tasks and channels that we have identified throug the strategic plan are the right ones for your business and also takes into account your current skill set and knowledge areas.

Total fee: $6,600 inc gst (16 to 20 week process)

Strategic Marketing Plan

Two part process

Similar to the above (without the ongoing training).  You  receive a strategic plan to follow over the next year, together with a list of trusted suppliers who can help you to implement.  This is an 8 week process

Total fee: $3,300 inc gst (8 to 10 week process)

Get a coach

Learning to market your own business is a skill that will protect your resources for the future. You will be able to make the most of marketing opportunities that come along - and know when and where to spend your marketing budget to get the best results.

If your budgets are very small and you have the time to invest, the One on One program of 10 x 1 hour sessions will teach you how to create your own strategic plan.  It is available at $1,500 (inc gst)  to be used within a year.

This is a really cost effective way to access our knowledge whilst learning to DIY

Training is targeted at exactly what your business needs.  We back up the face to face or phone/skype sessions with unlimited email support


This is for the business with an established marketing budget, no marketing staff, and need to outsource their implementation.

We have a combined 60 plus years experience in all aspects of marketing implementation including:


  • Campaign creation, design and management

  • Event planning, management and analysis

  • Traditional and digital media planning and buying

  • Social media set up and management

  • Sponsorship sourcing and servicing

  • Marketing Research & reporting

  • Budget management

  • Content Marketing creation and implementation

  • Publicity, PR & Media Liaison

We also have a fabulous team of suppliers who we can introduce you to for a one off task or tactic, or to build around your business as your external marketing department.

Jump Start

You are doing the marketing stuff. But it just aint getting traction.  What is wrong?  Is it the message? The channel? Should you do more???

Our Jump Start package comprises a Review of where you are at, we then provide recommendations for any part of the business you need to revise, and give you a refreshed series of marketing tactics that you need to implement.

The process usually entails a couple of 1 1/2 hour consults and we provide you with a written report - that, depending on your business, may also include an updated Profit & Loss, with sales objectives and realistic marketing budgets (realistic in that we don't budget for marketing unless we can see that you can resource it!).

The Jump Start is only $605 (inc gst) and usually complete within 3 weeks.

Credentials &

Email here for a PDF of our Credentials,
Scope of Works, & Client Process.

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