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Marketing is NOT optional

But you do have options

If you are serious about your business you know that marketing is mandatory.  So, how do you go about getting the best marketing, the most appropriate marketing, that will deliver results for your business?

Option 1:  Get a strategy & plan

If you are Doing it Yourself, especially in a solo or micro business;  if you are an early stage start up; or if you are the only person in a larger organisation who does the marketing, you may find yourelf wandering what is the best marketing activity for my business?  How long should I stick at a certain tactic? What is going to get the traction and momentum?  How much should I budget?

We believe that the only platform for success is to build a marketing plan on the foundation of a marketing strategy.

A strategy will make clear what marketing you have to do, and the plan will show you the way to do it.


It will take away the doubts and questions, it will put you on the right track - and will protect your precious resources.

Option 2:  We hold your hand

Once you have the foundation in place you have to find time to actually do the marketing. And if that is something that is new to you, you may like us to hold your hand. We can work with you, teaching and guiding, for a month or more....just to get you up and running and showing you some of the skills that you will need to manage your marketing into the future.

Option 3:  We do it for you

When you have established a marketing budget and you don't have the luxury of a long period of time to get the momentum building in your business, we can manage your marketing for you: Whether that be for a one off campaign, or ongoing. Perhaps just to get your marketing on the right track by creating your marketing strategy and ongoing plan.

This is the option for when you know that marketing is mandatory - and you need it now!

Have a look through our Services page for an idea of pricing.

And Get in touch so we can go through the options with you, working out what investment and timeline will suit you best.


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