Marketing & Events  

We live and breathe the same challenges as you. 

We understand the importance of protecting precious resources and being a stickler for cash flow.

We recognise that success for a small business isn't necessarily becoming a big one:  It is doing what you do the best that you can; satisfying your customers; supporting your staff and having pride in your achievements. To do that - you need marketing. 

Marketing is the beating heart of your business. It is about winning the engaged attention of customers that leads them to take action.

We can teach you what marketing you need to do, or we can build your marketing function from scratch.  We provide coaching and mentoring.  We build marketing strategies and implement your campaigns; whatever you need to build a solid marketing foundation for your business, we are with you.

We love small business & we love marketing.

Bambi Gordon
Greg Rowell

Before leaping head first into small business I worked for 20 years in mass media marketing including roles as National Marketing Manager for the Ten Network, National Marketing Director for the BRW Group of Publications, Marketing Manager at Fox FM, and marketing manager at Olympic Park Melbourne, 3MP and promotion roles for the  Herald & Weekly Times. 

My last gig as a corporate employee - and biggest event - was Crowded House on the Steps of the Opera House before I fell out of the corporate world, as so many do, into my own business in the late 90s; taking on marketing and promotions projects as diverse as centre mall touring tourism shows, the PR launch of the cute and fuzzy Furby and directing the marketing and fund raising for the passionate and loyal tribe of the South Sydney Rabbitohs during their two year fightback campaign vs News Ltd and the NRL. 

In 2002 I joined forces with Greg Rowell and for over a decade we have been marketing, running events, and developing our own projects.

I bring to your business empathy for being a small biz owner as I have lived the challenges of juggling limited resources whilst having to develop new skills.I share with you the experience I've gained over decades of real world best practice marketing, and drive you to learn how to strategically market your business into the future.

After more than 10 years in small business I'm still excited by being in charge of my own destiny and especially not having to wear make-up every day.

I enjoying yacking at people in groups & one-on-one, live and online, about how they can market their own business. Usually the first thing I says to them is: "Yes - That's my real name".  


Some 30+ years ago I left the what the so-called comfort  zone of being employed to go and try out some new ideas. Yep to start my own business - with no safety  net.


The first five years was tough, being a solo-ist running community festivals that each took hundreds of hours of planning and implementation.  And then I was successful in winning a contract to manage a business expo. Which led to another business expo. And requests from further afield to put on more of my business expos.  And from there - after four  years of running business expos throughout Victoria - I formed a partnership with Bambi Gordon who provided inspiration to grow the business further. 

We took a  big step for a small business re-directing our business model to became a promoter, putting our own money on the line because we believed in ourselves, the strength of small business and importantly the quality of communication and events that we  could deliver.


So now some 22 years later we are still doing great events, business to business and business to consumer marketing campaigns, festivals and markets and helping other businesses be the best they can be.


I have learnt to manage expectations, manage people, mould committees, grow small businesses and importantly listen. Enthusiasm is contagious and when a group of people are working for a common goal a successful result provides an enormous high.


We are results driven - Our aim is to be singing “another one bites the dust” at the end of each marketing campaign, each event, knowing we have done our best and appreciating the appreciation we get from our clients.